Michael - Growth Strategies

"I’ve been part of the merchandising work stream at my client. I am starting to own the entire process, which is very exciting. My favorite part about my project is that I get to facilitate meetings and that I have a high-level understanding of the entire process and am responsible for making sure the project is moving forward."

Hannah - Human Capital Services

"I have spent my time working on a Recruiting and Onboarding Market Offering through which I created a matrix that gives insight into recruiting reporting and analytics. I also am working on making recommendations for the website to enhance our BT employer brand, as well as creating a paper that will be used by clients to help them choose who to use as third party vendors regarding certain services."

Annelise - Growth Strategies 

"I’ve been working on a team with four BT consultants and four people from the client. We are implementing Salesforce.com for the client’s sales team. My takeaways include working with a team that has conflict, and seeing how sometimes they find ways to overcome it and other times it prevents productivity. I’ve also learned a lot about project management methodology, particularly AGILE."

Justin - Strategic Client Relations

"I’ve been working on the EARP team at my client developing more client-facing deliverables that help the client understand the limitations of their current systems/practices, and how to optimize the usage of existing data. Specifically, I’m working in a business intelligence tool that the client already has, but isn’t using. It’s completely new to me, and a lot of what I’m doing rests on new ground for my team."

Varshini - Human Capital Services

"One of my main tasks has been a ‘Value Beyond the Software’ project, in which I have researched The Candidate Experience. This resulted in the creation of a research report of the pain points within an organization, and a flow chart of the overall process of the candidate experience.  I hope that it may be used internally as a framework for approaching client’s issues with recruiting. I have also created an intern video to show during recruitment."

Zak - Enterprise Risk Information Systems

"The most interesting and challenging part of my client, is sitting in on the walkthroughs to learn how their business processes work. Instead of knowing exactly how to test these processes and their risks, I’m using the interviews to build the test and determine what documents I need to see if my client is addressing the risks we’ve noted. It’s challenging, but it’s exciting because the risks they’re missing could be anywhere and it’s our job to catch them."

Zoha - Enterprise Risk Information Systems

"I’ve been working with a wide variety of clients, however, I have spent the most time on one main project. In addition, I researched the topics of cyber security and internal audits. The most exciting task I have completed is interacting with clients. I visited two client facilities to conduct HIPAA reviews, and had the opportunity to speak to the client and personally help them resolve their obstacles; it is quite fascinating and rewarding."

Will - Human Capital Services

"The project I’ve worked on the most has been doing market offering research for the “Value Beyond the Software” market offering. I’ve looked into HR organizational design and researched how BT can develop a point of view to help clients. The most exciting task I’ve completed has been creating a sortable “roles and responsibilities” matrix that looks at different positions in an HR department and shows how they fit into different organizational structures."

Zach - Growth Strategies

"I’ve been working on a Payment Innovation project at a client this summer. I’m working on many deliverables including making Logical Designs for database requirements, creating user stories for Graphical User Interfaces, and helping to improve the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Financial and Quality presentation decks used for presenting to future ACOs. The most exciting part is being able to contribute to an array of deliverables; it has given me a more complete perspective of what project work consists of."