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Adapting to supply chain risks with Leo Alvarez

Baker Tilly Principal Leo Alvarez was recently a guest on The Buzz with ACT-IAC podcast. Leo and host Colin Larsen have an engaging conversation on the topics of IT supply chain risks and Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM).

In this episode, Leo discusses what effective C-SCRM strategies look like and how these new requirements will affect the acquisition process. Leo explores how companies are currently being challenged with the many new emerging standards and the importance of transparency between suppliers and companies to avoid disruptions. Many of these agents are still seeking clarity on what the government is looking for and Leo explains how he sees new standards being established to allow for the visibility organizations need to tackle security.

Leo also talks about supply chain automation tools and the different obstacles the technology can help avoid. He discusses the important of having processes in place if you find an issue in your supply chain to mitigate the risk. Listen here to learn what government contractors need to know.

Leo Alvarez
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