A not-for-profit, integrated healthcare system unleashes the power of Oracle HCM Cloud Recruiting

Client background

Two leading academic medical centers in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the state’s largest private employer with approximately 65,000 employees.

The business challenge

The organization’s legacy applicant tracking system, PeopleSoft e-Recruit, was cumbersome to use, difficult to pull reports on key candidate metrics, and did not support a common model while allowing affiliates to maintain their own branding. Specific areas of concern included:

  • The company wanted to improve the candidate experience for their 700,000+ annual applicants by reducing the number of clicks in their application process, improving tracking capabilities for the status of applications, and reducing the time to hire for candidates.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers did not have a user-friendly system to manage the high volume of candidates. It was inefficient and lacked the ability to easily identify top candidates in the hiring process.
  • There were many issues with reporting capabilities within the legacy system. Recruiters could not configure individual dashboards to suit their preferences and needs, nor did their reports provide real-time visibility, giving the appearance of “blindness” to organizational leaders at times.
  • Individual hospitals and their affiliates were unable to maintain their distinct cultures and recruitment practices while leveraging a common process module. The legacy system did not allow them to have their own branding on their external career sites and social media channels.

A system for the future

The organization recognized the need to implement a recruiting system that provided a common process model within the organization and across its 18+ affiliates. Given the enormity of this undertaking and the number of stakeholders that would be impacted, they chose Baker Tilly, a partner with proven experience and methodologies to help them achieve this goal. With a proven approach in implementing Oracle’s HCM Cloud for Talent Acquisition solution, Baker Tilly enabled a modern recruiting platform that vastly increased visibility into their candidates, improved their ability to secure critical management data, and streamlined their processes across all organizations using a common model, allowing individual affiliates to maintain their desired independence.

Business impact

The implementation of the Oracle HCM Cloud for Talent Acquisition modules is providing the following:

  • Candidates can search open positions easily - time spent in the application process has been reduced by 25% and the number of clicks has been reduced by 20%.
  • A shorter time to hire for the organization which also translates to a better candidate experience - candidates know where they stand during each step  of  the process.
  • A platform that can report accurate data in real time. Resulting in quicker response to audit requests as well as significant improvement in their compliance rate with critical criteria such as OFCCP or Affirmative Action   Plans.
  • Via dashboards, real-time vision for all end users of the health of their pipelines and time spent by candidates in each step of the process.
  • Ability to customize analytical dashboards to suit recruiters’ and hiring managers’ individual work styles and preferences.
  • Ability across all of its affiliates to leverage    a common process model with common candidate selection workflow, job templates, and internal job searches.
  • Each affiliate maintains their own unique branding on their external career sites, social media channels and campaigns.

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