Monitoring state and local tax developments and building a proactive strategy are the keys to managing exposure and lowering the costs of conducting business on a multistate basis

State and local fiscal pressures and a changing economy have led to creative and aggressive tax policies. Additional manpower and technology is being deployed in audit and discovery programs. 

Our professionals offer specialized expertise to help businesses and individuals understand these increasingly complex state and local tax rules. The costs of noncompliance and inadequate planning are rapidly rising. These costs will be reflected in audit assessments which may include non-deductible penalties, diversion of resources to respond to state and local tax notices and discovery actions, financial statement impairment, and increased tax consulting fees. 

Baker Tilly services cover the full range of state and local taxes, including credits and incentives, employment tax, income and franchise tax, real/personal property, sales and use, excise and unclaimed property. We can also provide efficient, accurate and effective compliance solutions.

2016 year-end tax letter: State and local taxes

2016 year-end tax letter: State and local taxes

State and local governments are anticipating how the Trump administration will affect their budgets over the next few years, especially in light of relatively modest state tax revenue growth. With predictions for more of the same in the near future, we anticipate states using further aggressive tax discovery, enforcement, collection and anti-fraud efforts on the part of their revenue agencies.

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