Strategic Growth Planning & Execution

An organization’s best intentions for any strategic growth plan can be thwarted by barriers both inside and outside the company.

    Address strategic growth challenges today to position your organization for future success.

    Strategic planning is not a core function of most organizations, so attempts to do it alone may leave companies with more questions than answers. Breaking through barriers to planning and execution is a key to future growth. Baker Tilly has specialized professionals and a wide array of advisory services that guides executives to a clear vision and through an executable process to carry out strategic goals.

    Top strategic planning barriers:

    Internal barriers

    • Uncertainty about how to grow value of business
    • Restructuring before deciding what the plan will be
    • Shortage of talent stifling the plan
    • Not knowing how to optimize sales
    • Problems unique to the family business

    External barriers

    • Struggling to create value for customers
    • Not understanding the right capital mix to fund the plan
    • Minimizing supply chain risk and leveraging global expansion
    • Mitigating recession or other economy concerns

    Baker Tilly specialists have the experience to help executives identify opportunities, develop strategic plans and effectively execute on growth.