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Strategic Assessments & Road Maps

Successful digital transformation requires a deep understanding of your present and a clear vision for your future. Our strategic assessment and road map services help you define a tailored path to get ahead in an ever-changing digital world.

Strategic Assessments & Road Maps

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    Phil Schmoyer



Define your digital transformation journey

Organizations regularly need to revisit their strategies to transform their operations and stay on top of a progressively competitive digital landscape. Identifying the path forward can be a daunting task, especially with the overwhelming number of options available today.

We leverage our Digital Maturity Model to evaluate your organization’s current state, define your vision for the future and outline the steps to achieve successful transformation. Our structured, tested and multiphased approach empowers your organization to build digital competency and capabilities across the organization.

A digital strategy ready for tomorrow’s challenges

Successful digital transformation unlocks innovation and new business results for your organization. Chart your course for success and take advantage of an assessment and road map tailored to your organization:

  • Discover internal opportunities
  • Define your vision for the future
  • Enable growth and innovation
  • Engage your employees
  • Right-size your road map to your vision and needs

A custom path forward tailored to your goals and needs

Digital transformation is not "one-size fits all." We follow a multiphased approach to customize a road map that is right for you; based on your organization's needs and challenges, as well as your vision for the future.

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Our approach

  • Initiate
  • Current state
  • Future state
  • Road map

Phase 1

Initiate project

Lay the foundation for a seamless project and a strong, collaborative relationship by co-developing a work plan. We work to understand strategic plans and stakeholder needs that provide context for prioritization.

Phase 2

Understand current state

Understand the current state of the organization for prioritization of future state capabilities. We work with you to understand existing opportunities, issues and challenges.

Phase 3

Future state vision

Define your desired future capabilities and understand what is required (and what isn’t) to support the organization. We work with you to define the people, process and technology needed to achieve your vision.

Phase 4

Implementation road map

Develop an implementation road map considering key capabilities and leveraging prior learnings. We facilitate planning sessions to develop scoping, phasing options and resource considerations for the key initiatives of the implementation road map.

Baker Tilly Digital is here to help

Baker Tilly Digital’s digital strategy expertise can help you understand how a cultivated and tactical digital plan enables your goals and better prepares you for digital transformation. Our digital strategy team is here to guide your team with a structured approach to enable organizational change, streamline operations and drive greater return from achieving your transformation goals.