Global supply chain uncertainty affecting your compliance strategy?

Global supply chains are feeling the pressure of continued trade tensions. Regulatory uncertainty, protectionism, trade wars including tariffs and retaliatory tariffs, and global supply chain risk are now commonplace. These risks make effective global supply chain management necessary. As a result, companies are struggling to respond let alone adapt with a well-designed trade compliance program that addresses risk mitigation, increased compliance, and duty minimization.

No longer is waiting for the storm to pass an option.

As part of your extended team, Baker Tilly trade advisors help provide the visibility, clarity and operational improvements needed to properly respond to pressures caused by on-going trade wars. Our approach to trade compliance management is designed to protect and enhance value by:

  • Positioning your company to better address future trade policy shifts
  • Optimizing return on global trade management system investment
  • Minimizing impact of tariffs while protecting from costly financial penalty exposure
  • Streamlining global supply chain and trade compliance operations

How Baker Tilly turns global trade disruption into opportunity

Graphic of how Baker Tilly turns global supply chain disruption into opportunity

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If your organization is feeling the pressure of rising trade tensions, take action today so you can make informed decisions for tomorrow. We have helped trade professionals take a strategic view of their import supply chain and outbound exports — and offer the additional experience, analytics and the discernment they may require to influence their company’s financial and operational outcomes.  

We would like to offer the same to you — particularly in today’s increasingly restrictive import markets. Gain:

  • Greater CLARITY despite apparent uncertainty
  • DATA ANALYTICS for recognizing patterns and making decisions as change occurs
  • ON-DEMAND RESOURCES to assist you with unexpected and unique scenarios to your organization
  • Influential trade advisors with an INSIDE TRACK to current and upcoming policy changes