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Family Business Strategic Assessment

Baker Tilly’s family business strategic assessment is a diagnostic tool designed to help us get to know you and your family-owned business, as well as your goals for your family, your business and yourself.

Our approach

At Baker Tilly, we’ve developed a unique approach to getting to the heart of who you are as a family business and family business owner or leader.

Our family business strategic assessment is a diagnostic tool measuring the readiness of your family-owned business for transition, as well as its capacity to strategically build value. By taking a look at the following family business dimensions, we’re able to build a roadmap to help achieve your individual, family and business goals:

  • Strategic growth and value creation
  • Exit strategies and ownership transition
  • Leadership succession
  • Next generation
  • Estate planning and wealth management
  • Family business governance
  • Business continuity
  • Family communication and conflict management

The strategic roadmap, based on your results and your objectives, capabilities and readiness, could include any combination of the following focus areas: family enterprise strategy, portfolio business strategy and individual plans.

Strategic roadmap focus areas

Strategic roadmap focus areas

Ongoing support and plan execution

Once the plan is finalized, we work with you as an integrated, seamless service team to support you in executing the plans and achieving your family and business objectives.