Case Study

Baker Tilly aids Fortune 500 company on False Claims Act disputes related to IT 70 GSA Schedule contract

Our client’s need

Baker Tilly was engaged by Counsel to provide litigation support services to a Fortune 500 IT Hardware, Equipment and Services company that was the subject of highly publicized False Claims Act / qui tam dispute related to its IT 70 GSA Schedule contract.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly assessed the company’s compliance programs, with respect to its GSA Schedule sales, and worked with Counsel to develop a corrective action plan to address all immediate compliance-related concerns. Throughout the project, Baker Tilly teamed with Counsel to formulate strategy, facilitate settlement negotiations, and support the company and Counsel during litigation. We also reviewed and replicated the government’s alleged damages calculations to assess accuracy and reasonableness, and we developed alternate alleged damages models based on logical and objective pricing assumptions. We supported Counsel with legal documents and quantitative analysis that furthered legal arguments, and we participated in settlement meetings with attorneys and auditors from DOJ, OIG, GSA, USPS and NASA.

Results achieved

Counsel utilized the data and analyses we prepared during settlement meetings, and Baker Tilly met with officials from the OIG to review our work. Our analyses helped to further settlement negotiations, and they were a factor in reaching a settlement amount that was lower than the amounts supported by the government’s alleged damages calculations. 

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