Digital forward | A Baker Tilly Digital webinar series

The case for the cloud: Value, performance and agility

The cloud has matured significantly. Originating in the technology sector, it has now permeated nearly every industry due to the security, resilience, speed and scalability it offers. While the value of cloud computing is widespread, there is often a lack of understanding regarding where this value truly lies and how to effectively harness it. This deficiency can result in misguided strategies and flawed implementation approaches.

Join Baker Tilly Digital for a webinar January 24 to discover how the cloud can:

  • Simplify and standardize business processes and workflows
  • Enable data analytics leading to shortened innovation cycles
  • Scale rapidly and securely
  • Increase compliance
  • Help save money and redeploy resources


Kayla Flint – Principal, Baker Tilly Digital
Andrew Clark – Experienced Manager, Baker Tilly Digital

Digital forward series

This is part four of a six-part webinar series. View the other webinars below or check out our series event page for more information and to view previous webinar recordings.

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