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CECL candid conversations: Tuesday talk-throughs

In our last CECL candid conversation, we received several questions before and during our conversation from our industry peers. With less than five months until the effective date, we want to ensure that your questions continue to be answered.

Starting Sept. 20, our CECL subject matter specialists will participate in a series of live lunchtime “talk-throughs” to help address your CECL business needs. Sign up for one or sign up for all! Every other Tuesday, we will cover a specific CECL topic that we’ve noticed trending interest in previous webinars and client discussions. We are also taking additional questions at the time of registration.

There are no questions too big or too small as we plan to discuss them all! The CECL candid conversations series won’t have prepared content – the Q&A will be driven by you with both your submitted and live questions. If you are curious, your peers probably are too. Don’t worry! All questions will be covered anonymously.

Our team provides extensive knowledge of the regulatory hurdles, available methods, data, technology, and qualitative requirements and the validation process. We are here to help organizations like yours go beyond simply achieving compliance. There’s still plenty of opportunity to use your data to address your future business objectives and gain a strategic advantage.

Our current line-up is:

Sept. 20 – Q-factors and forecasting for complex entities

  • How do I implement Q-factors and forecasting in various methodologies?
  • How many Q-factors should I be looking at?
  • Are my Q-factors incorporated into my forecasting?
  • What percentage of my ALLL should be made up of Q-factors
  • How do I know what factors I'm most correlated to?

Oct. 4 – Q-factors and forecasting for basic entities

  • Same as above but on a more basic methodology

Oct. 18 – CECL implementation for consumer-based receivables

  • Are there special considerations for my consumer-based portfolio?
  • Auto loans
  • Residential mortgages
  • Consumer credit
  • What are the methodology pros and cons for consumer-based loans?

Nov. 1 – CECL for HTM investments and reinsurance receivables

  • How do I calculate CECL on my various investments?
  • How do I calculate CECL on reinsurance receivables?

Nov. 15 – Validations and stress-testing

  • What does a validation to my model entail?
  • What does a validation typically uncover that I wouldn’t see otherwise?

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