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U.S. Inbound Services

A successful presence in the U.S. is a strategic goal of most emerging businesses, multinational organizations and high-net-worth individuals. As stewards of your vision of growth we make your investment in the U.S. less daunting and help you navigate the new future of America.

At a glance

Establishing or expanding a footprint in the U.S. offers unmatched opportunities to access vast capital, a sophisticated workforce and the largest consumer market on earth. But administration changes in the U.S. have altered much about how the U.S. market functions and how it relates to other world economies. Foreign companies looking to establish themselves in the U.S. or continue to benefit from the world’s top consumer market may be at a loss to understand what these changes mean for their business.

Individuals, too, want to know that opportunity still awaits in America.

As stewards of your vision of growth we make your investment in the U.S. less daunting and help you navigate the new future of America. We speak your language — and not only your native tongue. We also identify with your goals and share your ambition for a more productive and profitable future. 

We are privileged to help guide and be an ongoing resource to U.S.-inbound organizations and individuals. Let’s discuss the possibilities.

Center for the Return of Manufacturing

The Center for the Return of Manufacturing's mission is to anticipate, guide and directly assist U.S.-based and foreign-owned manufacturing companies in competitively returning jobs to the U.S. and, simultaneously, unlocking new market opportunities.

Global mobility

From the moment your employees on foreign assignment depart the plane to their adopted country to their return to home soil, we are with you every step of the way — ensuring compliance with U.S. tax law and labor regulation, and optimizing overall return on investment in human capital.

U.S. expansion and growth 

In collaborating with Baker Tilly, your organization can respond to globalization head-on, de-risking international growth and obtaining U.S. market traction quickly, typically within eight months.

Project finance

Baker Tilly can help you enhance overall returns and move projects forward to optimize every layer of capital structure through U.S. negotiated incentives, traditional lenders, and nontraditional capital sources.

Mergers and acquisitions 

Receive local, straightforward advice on the sell-side and buy-side M&A transaction process regardless of geographic footprint.

U.S. tax services

In the U.S. tax laws are made at the national, state and local municipality levels. Given the complexity of U.S. tax law Baker Tilly offers thoughtful tax planning and advice for those investing in the U.S. so they stay compliant with a myriad of regulations and optimize global profits.