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Technology Assessment

In order to achieve your digital transformation goals, it is important to evaluate your existing technology landscape and identify future needs. Our technology assessment takes a process-driven approach to align the appropriate custom digital solutions to fit your specific needs.

Unlock value through a comprehensive digital strategy

Today’s business world demands both speed and flexibility. A rapidly changing business climate, coupled with unique challenges in your industry and an ever-changing digital landscape, elevates the strategic demands on your business applications to deliver value to your customers. While the opportunities in digital technology are continually increasing, with that comes additional pressure to rapidly understand, plan, prototype and deploy new technology into your organization.

The modern enterprise application landscape leaves more options than ever for businesses of all sizes and in every industry. Baker Tilly Digital sits at the intersection of where business needs meet technological capability for a wide variety of business applications and solutions. This, combined with a holistic understanding of how these applications impact vision and strategy, enables us to provide guidance on software decisions that work for your entire organization — from IT teams to management.

A process-driven approach to enable success

Baker Tilly brings an independent and agnostic approach to the technology assessment process. Over the past 20 years, we have completed numerous enterprise system evaluations, including the evaluation of organizational change management needs. This experience helps ensure that any solutions we recommend are tailored to meet your organization’s functional and technical needs.

A deep knowledge of software vendor capabilities and limitations, combined with strategic relationships with some of the leading cloud software providers, enables us to provide cutting-edge insight and innovation. The result is a comprehensive analysis of the vendor landscape based on your particular needs to accelerate the evaluation process and help inform the decision that is right for your business.

With a fundamental understanding of the state of your business, competition, technologies, opportunities and overall business goals — along with potential barriers to achieving them — we collaborate with your team to assess your business application options across all dimensions of strategy, process, human capital, technology and risk management.

Technology assessment methodology

Our technology assessment takes a process-driven approach to align the appropriate custom digital solutions to fit your specific needs. Understanding your critical and unique needs allows us to create a tailored approach to enable your digital road map. The benefit of our approach extends beyond the assessment phase by:

Phase 1

Initiate project

  • Confirm objectives/schedule
  • Understand long-term strategic goals
  • Project kickoff and team organization
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis and develop support structure

Phase 2

Plan and design

  • Conduct software landscape education
  • Process walk-throughs
  • Confirm critical needs
  • Identify vendor options
  • Issue request for proposal (RFP) and analyze responses
  • Choose vendors for customized demos
  • Executive checkpoint

Phase 3

Evaluate vendors

  • Plan demonstration(s)
  • Review costs, implementation
  • Vendor due diligence
  • Choose vendor
  • Leadership checkpoint

Phase 4

Finalize evaluation

  • Contract negotiation coaching
  • Conduct high-level implementation planning

Baker Tilly Digital is here to help

Baker Tilly Digital’s digital strategy expertise can help you understand how a cultivated and tactical digital plan enables your goals and better prepares you for digital transformation. Our digital strategy team is here to guide your team with a structured approach to enable organizational change, streamline operations and drive greater return from achieving your transformation goals.