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Strategic Assessments & Roadmaps

Do you have complex business challenges or strategic alignment questions?

Baker Tilly’s Enterprise Transformation team provides strategic assessment and roadmap services that enable strategic alignment for your most challenging business problems.

    Our services

    In today’s dynamic economy, organizations struggle with strategic direction, strategic alignment and complex business questions. Often these situations can benefit from third party analysis, quantitative assessment, pragmatic recommendations and a prioritized solution roadmap.

    Strategic problem solving

    Many organizations struggle to find answers to their very complex business problems. We leverage a structured strategy tool set to synthesize critical questions and analyze problems and solutions with facts and data. Key outcomes:

    • Situation diagnostics
    • Market assessments
    • Buyer analysis
    • Organizational and process assessments
    • Scenario modeling and impact analysis

    Strategy alignment and roadmaps

    Organizations that are aligned on a strategic roadmap outperform their competition and build differentiation in their chosen markets. We help improve the linkage between strategy, objectives, business plans and project initiatives. Key outcomes:

    • Strategy articulation
    • Functional operating models to support the strategy
    • Business case support
    • Project portfolio strategies and initiative roadmap development

    Merger integration services

    Mergers are challenging business events that require careful management and attention. We assist in the development and execution of comprehensive merger integration plans including opportunity and risk analysis, business case development, integration roadmap, work plan development and implementation. Key outcomes:

    • Integration assessment and planning for go-to-market, technology and operations
    • Business process optimization
    • Cost reduction strategies
    • Change management and future state operating model design & implementation
    • Program and project management

    Strategic assessments

    Organizations often turn to management consultants for help in assessing operational improvement opportunities. Our consultants help organizations assess critical operations associated with process, technology, strategy and people within an organization. Key outcomes:

    • Assessment themes
    • Assessment roadmaps
    • Strategy, process, technology and people oriented improvement recommendations

    Web accessibility and compliance services

    It is essential that websites are accessible in order to provide equal access to everyone, including people with disabilities. We help organizations adhere to accessibility laws and regulations and remove barriers that prevent access to or interaction with their digital content. Our services include:

    • Comprehensive compliance and accessibility solutions
    • Web accessibility assessments to determine which standards should apply
    • Usability studies
    • Development of a testing approach, testing oversight and vendor management
    • Ensure compliance with ADA and WCAG success criteria
    Risk-based advisory services: strategic partnerships and approaches for gaining assurance in an increasingly complex higher education environment

    What are the strategic initiatives your clients are focused on?

    The largest and most top of mind strategic initiative for many companies today is growth. This isn’t a new initiative but the manner in which growth is achieved is a lot different than it has been in the past.