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Service Technology

Improve your organization’s call center and service center operational capabilities to effectively address your customers’ problems or questions when they arise.

Customers expect resolution-based communications that are conducive to their schedule and most importantly, via their desired channel of communication. They expect you to deliver what was promised and have the ability to deal well with their problems or questions when they arise. This requires call center/service center operational capabilities that are unified around a common view of all interactions and business with the customer, regardless of channel.

    Baker Tilly helps companies evaluate and assess their call center and service center technology across the four dimensions of service.

    1. Service Strategy
    2. Service Enablement
    3. Service Execution
    4. Performance Management

    Our services include:

    • Comprehensive service function evaluations and capability alignment
    • Assessment and strategic planning
    • Service capability prioritization, initiative creation and ROI analysis
    • Service capability/technology activation and optimization across field and customer service silos.

    By leveraging modern call center and service center technologies and implementing robust business processes integrated around the customer, your organization can achieve:

    • Stakeholder alignment across all pre and post sales functions
    • Customer centric delivery models
    • Omni-channel collaboration
    • Personalized service experiences
    • Defined customer journeys
    • Enhanced customer loyalty
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