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Sales Effectiveness

Is your sales team achieving its full potential? Baker Tilly can work with you to help design a sales process and set of enabling tools that are focused on increasing customer engagement while streamlining key processes to allow your sales force to focus on what they do best: sell.

We have expertise in implementing CRM and other enabling tools to add value to the sales process and provide critical metrics to management to understand and coach your team through your key “moments of truth” with customers.

    Our solutions

    Maximizing the effectiveness of the sales organization is many companies’ most direct and significant opportunity for growth. But understanding where to focus your investment is easier said than done.

    Through market leading practices around sales effectiveness and sales transformation, our approach enables organizations to identify meaningful growth opportunities.

    How we can help:

    Sales Strategy

    Moving your sales organization to their peak level of effectiveness begins with understanding your industry and market, while recognizing how your products and services are positioned to drive growth. An intimate understanding of your customers and their behaviors allows the sales team to deliver a customer experience that is a differentiator in the market.

    Sales Structure

    You can hire top sales professionals and provide them with best-in-class tools, but if the appropriate sales structure and account management is not in place, you are missing opportunities to maximize revenue.

    The best sales teams are aligned to provide the ideal coverage in your markets in order to maximize revenue and minimize costs.

    Sales Competency

    In today’s dynamic environment, a “one-size-fits all” sales training and talent acquisition approach just doesn’t cut it. Our sales competency assessment program not only helps your individual sales reps’ development, but also provides your sales managers with the tools to coach their teams better.

    Sales Acceleration

    The most effective sales teams are equipped with the proper tools and technologies to identify and prioritize opportunities and execute their overall sales strategy.

    Baker Tilly sales solutions

    ERP software evaluation positions manufacturer to undertake and execute business transformation and process improvements

    Achieving success through defined growth strategies

    Every business should consider implementing and executing growth strategies as part of its future plans.

    New customer segmentation approach drives sales organization restructure
    Case Study

    New customer segmentation approach drives sales organization restructure