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Baker Tilly Digital provides companies with financial solutions that can scale with speed and flexibility, allowing you to focus more time on the strategic aspects of accounting and not the administrative ones. Sage Intacct provides businesses the core financial information they need to support their growing business.

Our Sage Intacct products

We offer proprietary cloud accounting solutions built directly on Sage Intacct

Feel more confident in your period-end allocations processing while gaining an accurate and detailed view of your organization's revenue and expenses with Baker Tilly Digital's Advanced Allocations tool. With Advanced Allocations, you have the ability to enable allocations to multiple dimensions in one step with unlimited filters, allowing your business to experience more flexibility, reduce manual processes and errors and seamlessly integrate your accounting to technology.

Baker Tilly Digital provides holistic finance and accounting solutions and services for companies in the home services business.

Baker Tilly Digital + ServiceTitan
ServiceTitan + Baker Tilly Digital is a complete solution designed to optimize every aspect of your service business. Based on customer feedback and our extensive understanding of the requirements of ServiceTitan’s customers, we've developed enhancements to Sage Intacct to address the unique needs of field and home services providers. Our product automates reconciliation of cash and credit card receipts to deposits, cash refund processing, invoice credits and average costing of inventory. Baker Tilly Digital is ServiceTitan's preferred provider of Sage Intacct and a ServiceTitan Certified Accounting Provider.

Get an intelligence solution for your churches and faith-based organizations that will automatically analyze and categorize giving data to empower church finance leaders to make informed decisions. Baker Tilly Digital’s Ministry Intelligence highlights the KPIs and insights that can help you successfully deliver on your mission.

With Baker Tilly Digital's SaaS Intelligence, you get access to all your SaaS analytics in one place. SaaS intelligence replaces the manual process of entering data into excel, while updating them with real-time reliable metrics to accurately analyze how the business is performing. With SaaS Intelligence, you can slice and dice data to build your own dashboard and integrate any KPI’s and trends important to your business including growth trends, revenue retention and renewal metrics, unit economics to review significant metrics like acquisition costs and customer lifetime value, status of your current cash balances, and gain visibility into future renewal events.

Baker Tilly Digital's Church Management Systems Integration allows churches and faith-based organizations to connect accounting and business operations automatically to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Do you feel like your business is always scrambling to pull together your 1099 filing information year-over-year? Baker Tilly Digital's 1099 automation and e-filing solution can alleviate some of stress by cleaning up your data, ensuring your various vendors are set up properly and allow you to file your taxes electronically.

Why choose Baker Tilly Digital?

Our team

Experienced and knowledgeable

Our professionals have years of collective experience and we have the largest Sage Intacct development team outside of Sage.

Awards and accolades

Sage Intacct Partner of the Year

Baker Tilly Digital has been named Sage Intacct’s Overall Partner of the Year from 2014 to 2022. Sage Intacct is the only financial management software endorsed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA).

Marketplace solutions

Best in class

Baker Tilly Digital cultivates relationships with best-in-class AP, AR, time and expense, payroll providers and more. We can leverage our relationships with a curated list of add-on software providers to deliver you a whole product solution.

Enhanced support

Unlimited Help

Baker Tilly Digital offers a variety of support plans that go above and beyond the experience available when you buy direct.

Sage Intacct Core Financials

Baker Tilly Digital makes it easy to use Sage Intacct to share data and integrate with best-of-breed solutions without the enormous IT costs. Here’s a sample of the core modules in Sage Intacct:

Accounts payable

Cut your accounts payable processing time by 65% or more annually by automating manual processes and eliminating inefficient workflows. Just point and click to configure approvals processes that work for your organization.

Accounts receivable

Get paid faster by automating your processes, emailing your invoices and offering more payment options. Slash client billing and accounts receivable processing time by 50%.

Cash management

Accelerate the close and speed up daily cash management activities with a complete view of your cash footprint and working capital.

General ledger

Transform your business strategy and processes with continuous accounting, consolidations and insights with the only general ledger (GL) powered by artificial intelligence. Don’t wait for the close to get the information you need.

Order management

Automate the order management cycle by streamlining your complex quote-to-cash processes with Sage Intacct. Easily manage inventory challenges, and pricing structures while you save time, improve accuracy and increase profitability.

Purchasing automation

Cut invoice-to-payment time by up to half and eliminate hundreds of hours of tedious data entry. Create structured, predefined transaction and purchase approval workflows that increase purchasing speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Baker Tilly Digital has always been a leader in performing complex implementations of Sage Intacct for customers, including customization and development using the Sage Intacct platform and API’s."
Aaron Harris, Chief Technology Officer, Sage

Sage Intacct Advanced Financials

Finance needs differ from industry to industry, and advanced modules fit industry-specific and specialized requirements. With Baker Tilly’s experience and products, we can help you get more functionality from Sage Intacct, streamline the unique key functions of your operations with advanced financial modules and get the freedom to choose industry solutions you prefer.

  • Intelligent inventory management
  • Simplified time tracking
  • Comprehensive project accounting

Cloud-based inventory management that works your way

Real-time inventory management software features comprehensive reporting so you can see across locations, products and inventory status. That means you can make smarter decisions to optimize inventory levels and set efficient reorder points and quantities. Use standard templates for adjustments, transfers, damaged goods, scrap and more. Or create your own templates that fit your processes and needs, from vendor quotes to customer invoices.

Capture your time with a button click

Reduce revenue leakage by ensuring all billable time is captured and invoiced. Easily and automatically start a stopwatch in the Sage Intacct timesheet to track the time you work on a project. The stopwatch handles start and stop time accumulation of multiple time segments. When you bill, the system automatically aggregates the time accrued without tedious, error-prone, manual tallying.

Automate project accounting processes and resource planning

It’s possible to have all your project accounting processes your service business needs in one place. See the costs, time and expenses easily so you can manage resources, billing and revenue recognition quickly. Generate useful insights from financial reporting that keeps individual projects on track, on time and on target so your business grows profitably. Track expenses by projects, budget to actual and more within projects, identify unbilled R&D costs or run billable services projects for clients.