Team meeting analyzing data

Orchestrate & Improve Performance of Engagement Activities

Effectively measuring, understanding and prioritizing your engagement activities across multiple initiatives, systems and integration points is critical

Orchestrate and improve performance of engagement activities

Too often, health plans operate these functions independently, often creating frustration among providers and members – duplicating communication and requests for very similar activities multiple times throughout the year.

We have experience helping our clients bring together existing internal and external processes and vendor relationships in a way that creates immediate value and delivers much greater ROI across potentially competing internal initiatives. This may sound simple and straightforward, however, it is extremely challenging when processes and systems don’t exist that integrate these often disparate functions.

How we can help

  • Engagement strategy definition – develop strategies for aligning our clients’ vendor and internal activities to desired outcomes
  • Engagement activity management – coordinate and integrate activities across internal and external entities, with systems to alert and eliminate overlapping and redundant provider and member engagement activities
  • Engagement data management – automate processes within our clients’ systems for storing, validating, and transmitting sensitive provider and member engagement data