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Develop Powerful, Flexible Insights

Advanced analytics capabilities are strategic assets that deliver value across all areas of risk adjustment. Many models can be shared with value based care, care management and quality programs

Develop Powerful, Flexible Insights

We find that many of our clients struggle with execution of an analytics strategy that can be applied to driving strategic and operational decisions. Building, testing, deploying and continuously refreshing insights about individual members that will be both unique to your organization, provide competitive differentiation and be flexible enough to adapt with changing business or market needs, is no easy task.

The difference between high-performing proprietary insights and outsourced, generic analytics can mean millions of dollars in revenue, and more importantly, tremendous lost opportunity when it comes to identifying the care needs and quality gaps important to your population and provider partners.

How we can help

  • Model deployment – collaborate with your analytics teams to develop and deploy proprietary predictive models (based on claims, member, consumer, and clinical data) and industry standard models (i.e. CMS- HCC and HHS-HCC risk scoring algorithms) into our clients’ existing internal and vendor processes
  • Integrate predictive insights – build processes to version, store, access and use predictive insights across all relevant programs
  • Monitoring capabilities – add model traceability and measurement that enables a genuine “test, learn and refine” discipline over time