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Municipal Advisory Services for Libraries

Our team serves as financial advisors for a number of libraries — particularly for bond issues and projections of property tax revenue.

Municipal Advisory Services for Libraries

  1. Ryan Fetters

    Ryan Fetters


  2. Marvin L. Founds

    Marvin L. Founds

    Managing Director

  3. Belvia B. Gray

    Belvia B. Gray



  4. Jesse Nelson

    Jesse Nelson



  5. Lori Volz

    Lori Volz


Libraries have needs that are different from other units of government. Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors is experienced with the financial aspects of library projects – including financial management, capital planning, bond issuance and refinancing.  

    Our solutions

    Today’s library directors are faced with numerous challenges, including providing transparency in financial information, responding to users’ needs for more technology, addressing renovation and facilities needs and attending to future capital needs.

    Baker Tilly’s independent municipal advisors provide objective analysis, planning and creative solutions for all types of library projects. We will meet with you to understand your objectives and challenges and develop plans to help you address those challenges.

    Financial management

    • Accounting systems design, implementation and training
    • Audit preparation and financial assistance
    • Budget preparation assistance
    • Performance management studies
    • Tax revenue analysis and management

    Capital planning

    • Debt management studies
    • Project planning and financial development
    • Developing and evaluating funding alternatives
    • Refinancing of existing debt
    • Referendum preparation
    • Financial presentations to elected officials and the public

    Bond issuance and refunding

    • Official statements and bond sale preparations
    • Presentations to bond ratings agencies
    • Evaluation of bond insurance proposals
    • Competitive bond sales and electronic bidding services
    • Negotiated bond sales and private placements
    • Coordination of bond closings
    • Refinancing existing debt
    • Escrow verifications

    Post issuance

    • In-progress construction reports
    • Arbitrage rebate calculations
    • Continuing disclosure filings
    • Post-issuance tax compliance

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