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Customer Experience Innovation

Customer experience innovation (CXI) is a process that helps identify issues and opportunities to improve the customer journey and deliver delight.

Customer expectations are higher than ever when it comes to their experience with your organization or company. When expectations are not met or a negative experience occurs, they will not hesitate to tell their friends, share on social networks or take their business elsewhere.

    Customer experience innovation (CXI) is about being proactive – knowing and understanding your customer’s goals and objectives at each step in their interaction with you, how they are feeling in that interaction, and how you can create the best outcome for them. Without the right process to identify issues or opportunities, efforts to enhance the customer journey is often just a good guess.

    Our CXI process is driven by product innovation principles, backed by research and implemented with proven tools. Using the Baker Tilly methodology, we collaborate with our clients to help them understand the full customer experience, identify where there are issues, develop innovative ways to reduce effort and friction, test innovations with their customers, create plans to integrate innovations and monitor those innovations over time.

    Customer experience innovation process investment and benefits

    Customer experience innovation means constant improvement and requires constant monitoring - always looking for ways to do things differently, solve your customer’s problems in an affordable, efficient manner and create long-lasting customer delight.

    Innovate and monitor the experience you create for your customers. For more information, download the PDF.