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Commercial Item Contracting

We help contractors prepare winning proposals that minimize their exposure to risk and yield optimal pricing.


We help contractors prepare winning proposals that minimize their exposure to risk and yield optimal pricing and establish contract administration and compliance procedures that align with their organization infrastructure.

    Our solutions

    Whether you’re selling directly to the federal government, through a reseller, or as a subcontractor, it isn’t as simple as estimating a price and signing a contract.

    A number of obligations can give rise to claims and disputes, as well as financial and reputational risk. Commercial item contractors have to analyze and document their pricing practices, alter the way that some portions of their business operate, better understand and manage their subcontractors and supply chain, monitor their sales and pricing practices on an ongoing basis, meet various reporting obligations, and possibly even change how they manage their commercial business.

    How Baker Tilly can help

    GSA and VA Schedules offer a simplified contracting alternative, opening the door to vast opportunities. However, proposing and administering these types of contracts can be arduous and complex, with unique and often misunderstood risks.

    For 15 years, Baker Tilly has helped companies from a wide variety of industries manage their federal government businesses in an efficient and profitable manner. In the last five years alone, Baker Tilly consultants have logged more than 100,000 hours working with companies selling commercial products and services to the federal government.
    Much of our work involves mining historical data and analyzing it to develop Commercial Sales Practice (CSP) disclosures or quantify historical pricing compliance risk.


    • Historical pricing analysis and FSS disclosures
    • Proposal preparation and contract negotiation
    • Complex labor category mapping and pricing analyses
    • Contract management and compliance program design and implementation
    • Option extension package and modifications
    • Pre- and post-award GSA and VA OIG audit support
    • Department of Justice investigations support
    We leverage our work on numerous audits and False Claims Act investigations to implement effective compliance programs for commercial companies doing business with the federal government.
    Bill Bressette, Principal