BT Benefits & Consulting

For most organizations, the cost of employee benefits is their second largest expense next to wages. What’s your strategy for maximizing the return on that investment?

We believe all employees deserve great benefits and all employers deserve great employees.  As nice as that may be, there isn’t a cookie-cutter approach to making it happen.

We see many misguided approaches to benefits and we make it our business to help clients change that and get on the right path.  This means developing a strategy for building the right program, communicating it effectively, and making sure it’s connecting with your employees the way you intend.  We call that Organizational Confidence.

Our brief video explains how we help you maximize that investment and achieve organizational confidence by challenging the traditional methods.

Organizational confidence is built through a combination of education, solid advice and quality decisions.  While every business has its individual situations, which we help address, we also see some common concerns again and again; and rightfully so. These are critical issues that impact the future of your business.  Concerns like:

  • How do I decide whether or not to continue offering health insurance? 
  • How can I control my costs? 
  • How will I attract and retain talent and combat turnover? 
  • How can I achieve and maintain compliance?  What will it cost me if I don’t?
  • How much does ineffective communication hurt my efforts?

While these questions may be common, we know the answers are not all the same. Ask us about your concerns and we’ll explore how they impact your business and your particular situation.

At BT Benefits & Consulting we work with clients who value time, creativity and service as driving factors of their business and expect the same from their business advisors.  We truly look after your business and your people as if they were our own family members. The result is a satisfied employee, and the return on that investment is immeasurable.