Advanced Revenue Cycle: Scan

The monitoring phase

Advanced Revenue Cycle (ARC) Scan is a revenue cycle operations monitoring solution that enhances business value from revenue cycle operations by tracking operational performance and providing actionable information to drive financial improvement.

    ARC Scan is driven by our proprietary approach that incorporates an analytic driven viewpoint developed by practitioners with deep revenue cycle subject matter expertise.

    Enhancing value

    We scan your revenue cycle performance over time to identify ongoing opportunities to drive improved cash flow, increase annual net revenue reimbursement and reduce cost. By looking at the underlying issues over time, organizations are able to track both performance and impact of the operational improvement the solution identifies.

    Thorough data diagnostics

    ARC Scan is built to diagnose and trend breakdowns within the core functions of the revenue cycle and identify opportunities to improve net revenue, reduce excess costs and improve cash performance from the following areas:

    • Pre-registration               
    • Self-pay follow-up
    • Registration               
    • Third-party follow-up
    • Financial counseling        
    • Denial management
    • Charge management       
    • Credit management
    • Unbilled management

    Key solution value

    ARC Scan provides a healthcare provider’s management team with the ability to:

    • Gain continual insight over time into overall revenue cycle performance – with clearly defined opportunities for enhancement
    • Development of a strategic roadmap that will clearly outline how to achieve the identified opportunities
    • Understand the resources necessary to transform operations based on the roadmap
    • Monitor the associated return on investment of operational transformation