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Advanced Revenue Cycle (ARC®): Protect

The long-term, accountability phase

ARC® Protect is a revenue cycle analytic and optimization solution that provides visibility into revenue cycle operations and performance. It is driven by our proprietary approach for providing micro-level process oversight, including individual staff performance metrics and offers improved visibility and a guided discovery approach to a healthcare management team. Furthermore, ARC® Protect provides identification of negative performance earlier in the operational lifecycle and assists in the discovery of root cause issues in order to develop practical improvement initiatives.

    Value protection for revenue cycle operations

    ARC® Protect breaks down the critical activities of the entire revenue cycle ecosystem and offers one-of-a-kind process analytics that deliver a guided approach to poor performance discovery.

    Through the advanced visualization capabilities that Baker Tilly revenue cycle subject matter specialists have built utilizing the market leading Tableau software, ARC® Protect provides healthcare organizations with the ability to quickly identify issues, receive automated alerts about negative trends and make improvements to their operations.

    Core function approach

    ARC® Protect is built around the core functions of revenue cycle operations and integrates detail level drivers for all critical operational areas. This allows the solution to evaluate revenue leakage, excess costs and poor cash performance in the following areas:

    • Pre-registration                
    • Registration       
    • Financial counseling      
    • Charge management      
    • Self-pay follow-up
    • Third-party follow-up
    • Denials
    • Credit management

    Key benefits

    ARC® Protect provides a healthcare provider’s management team with the ability to:

    ARC Protect key benefits

    ARC® Protect Analytics

    Built by practitioners for practitioners 

    Sector productivity

    • Tracking of employees working similar accounts as a group provides insights into the various collection groups such as Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid

    ARC Protect Analytics

    • More than just productivity, our solution has the ability to track how efficient each staff member is over time
    • Daily effectiveness of activity is scored and tracked for easy monitoring
    • Raw productivity is also monitored to ensure compliance with organizational standards

    Patient financial services

    • Each indicator has a health meter for easy recognition of functional performance
    • Performance trends allow for rapid recognition of directional performance
    • Sub-indicators allow for immediate root cause identification assisting with rapid performance improvement