Modern selling relies on technology that creates better buyer engagement and accelerates deal flow, not just record keeping.

An effective sales organization is rooted in a well-defined go-to-market and customer experience strategy that is embraced by its sales professionals.  It also has the right technology that supports and enables the sales organization to work more effectively.

In today’s complex selling environments your sales team is tracking numerous data points -- from ever changing customer contacts, to staying on top of customer interactions with other parts of your organization, to tracking progress within the sales process itself. The information needed to be successful can be overwhelming and time consuming for your team.

Your sales teams need sales technologies that better help them engage on the buyers’ terms and in the channels they value. Tight alignment between the marketing and sales function is more important now than ever before. Accelerate the sales process by delighting the prospective buyer with the information they need when they need it and be able to predict their questions/focus areas before you meet with them. Deal momentum, accuracy/alignment, and closing speed are the key factors once you formally engage … incorporate technology to accelerate your tailoring, pricing, and quoting functions.

Baker Tilly sales technology consultants works alongside organizations to incorporate technology solutions that accelerate your tailoring, pricing, and quoting functions, and support the sales team throughout the entire sales cycle.

Additional services we offer to help you maximize your sales performance include:

Pedaling to the top | A holistic approach to sales optimization

Pedaling to the top | A holistic approach to sales optimization

Whether it's competitive cycling or selling in the competitive business world, a solid strategy is key. Read the complete eBook to learn how your organization can break away from the pack and achieve success, by optimizing sales to improve your organization's growth.

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