To achieve growth in today’s competitive, customer-driven marketplace, a more holistic focus on customer experiences and interactions is necessary. Cloud computing-based solutions that provide flexible channels for interaction (mobile, etc.) and incorporate analytical/big data capabilities are critical.

Leading CRM solutions provide the foundation for organizations to gain market share and drive sustained growth by leveraging customer intelligence to attract, retain, and better serve their customers and partners.

We help clients successfully implement CRM solutions that are well-aligned with their business goals, enabling them sense market changes and customer sentiment/behavior more dynamically, and operate in a more customer-centric manner.

Our consulting services include:

  • Roadmap and business case development
  • Technology portfolio assessment and solution alignment
  • New solution identification
  • Process definition and optimization
  • Organizational alignment and change management
  • Solution delivery and adoption management
CRM optimization: Putting the “customer” back in CRM

CRM optimization: Putting the “customer” back in CRM

Is your CRM strategy outdated? Ask your executives - do they truly understand what modern CRM is and what it could mean to their firm? If the answer isn’t holistic and customer-centric, then your CRM is likely not providing the value to the organization that it should be.

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Our Take

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"CRM is not just about the software—it’s really an enterprise strategy to attract, retain, and grow your organization in a customer-centric way."

— Ethan D. Bach Managing Partner