Property taxes often comprise the largest component of state and local liabilities paid by businesses, tend to increase over time and, unlike income taxes, are not affected by the profitability of your business. Baker Tilly specialists advise clients on proactive strategies for controlling property tax costs.

We can assist you with a wide range of services

Baker Tilly property tax specialists recognize the intrinsic difficulty in minimizing property taxes when your business is expanding into multiple taxing jurisdictions with different rates, assessment practices and exemptions. We help you reduce overall property tax costs by assisting with all aspects of property tax planning and compliance.

Baker Tilly’s real and personal property tax services include:

  • Multijurisdictional compliance solutions, such as:
    • Preparation of business personal property tax returns
    • Identification of statutory and discretionary exemptions, refunds and abatements
  • Qualification for special, tax-advantaged property tax classification (e.g., manufacturing, waste treatment)
  • Review and negotiation of personal property valuations and assessments
  • Dispute resolution and litigation support related to audit defense and appeals
  • Business restructuring analysis on property taxes (mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, asset sales, deemed asset sales, etc.)
  • Fixed asset analyses, lifecycle studies and assessment tracking
  • Real estate transfer tax compliance and planning
  • Ensure appropriate accounting for expensed items in accordance with ASC 606
  • Targeted consulting on real property tax issues