For each barrel of oil discovered, three barrels are consumed. As a biofuels producer, you know first-hand that "running on empty" is a real problem that needs immediate attention.

At Baker Tilly, our Renewable Energy consultants are committed to helping biodiesel or biofuel producers implement real solutions to rising energy needs.

Leverage our expertise and energy market relationships.

With 30 years experience in the energy industry, Baker Tilly renewable specialists can help you rethink your bottom line. From concept to commercialization, our renewable practice can assist with maximizing your project's value-while remaining fully aligned with your goals. Keep pace with the rapidly evolving renewable energy and cleantech industries by partnering with an experienced energy industry resource.

Remain in control with strategic solutions.

Our highly skilled renewable and cleantech specialists are well-versed in the agriculture and energy sectors. We understand your unique service needs. Combine that with our proficiency at optimizing value while mitigating risk and you'll see why Baker Tilly Renewable Energy consultants are the clear choice for delivering value throughout your project's lifecycle.

Rethink your bottom line.

For expert answers to your biomass and waste to energy questions, contact us. Our solutions address:

  1. How can I secure financing and what kind of terms can I expect from the market?
  2. Do my everyday business activities qualify for research and development tax credits?
  3. Does my project qualify for New Markets Tax Credits?
  4. What is a cost segregation study and how can my shareholders benefit from performing one?
  5. What are the EPA producer attestation requirements and how do I comply?
  6. How do I account for my hedging activities under GAAP?
  7. Does my company qualify as a carbon offset producer?