In a competitive environment, it is not enough to know your own performance. To stay ahead of the market and address questions regarding value for price, you also have to know where your competitors stand.

We have performed benchmarking studies of financial, operational, and strategic topics for government agencies, universities, and associations nationwide. Our benchmarking studies draw on qualitative and quantitative data to help organizations to understand best practices and common pitfalls in and program or core business areas. We’ve also worked with organizations to evaluate the maturity of their processes against benchmarking study results and then formulate recommendations for their specific needs and goals.

Our benchmarking studies have included:

  • Anti-fraud management survey
  • Background check survey and practices
  • Campus safety and security practices
  • Endowment spending practices
  • Enterprise-wide systems implementations best practices
  • Information technology effectiveness assessments
  • Internal audit structure and operations studies
  • Direct cost comparisons
  • Administrative and indirect cost comparisons

Our Take

image of Monica Modi Dalwadi

"We provide qualitative and quantitative information and insights that help organizations to leverage best practices and avoid common pitfalls."

— Monica Modi Dalwadi Partner, CPA, CIA, CFE, MBA