The impact of divorce isn’t just emotional, it’s financial. Understanding the financial impact of a divorce is the first step in moving forward.

Regaining control of your financial future is possible with proper guidance.  Baker Tilly’s dedicated team of certified di­vorce financial analysts, certified fraud examiners, and valuation specialist offers the insight needed overcome the most challenging financial issues in your divorce. 

Focus areas include:

  • Valuing business interests, and stock compensation programs
  • Analyzing marital spending lifestyle
  • Quantifying annual cash flows, and taxable Income
  • Evaluating equitable distribution proposals
  • Identifying, and tracing assets through the marriage
  • Analyzing separate property claims
  • Calculating spousal support/maintenance, child support, and related tax consequences
  • Preparing net worth statements, financial affidavits
  • Providing financial interrogatories, document tracking, and discovery requests
  • Drafting settlement agreement, and pre/post-nuptial agreement language

When settlement isn’t possible, Baker Tilly’s advisors work with counsel to effectively present your financial situation to the Court.  Baker Tilly’s advisors prepare reports, attend depositions, assist counsel with trial questions, and provide Expert Witness Testimony.