The amount of internal and external data available to organizations today presents both tremendous challenges and enormous opportunities.

Better data, better decisions

Baker Tilly’s dashboard and analytics professionals are a focused team rooted in strong analytics. We help your executive and operational management teams focus on and prioritize the potential profit centers within your current business to create opportunities for best-in-class company performance.

Our dashboarding analytic services examine the interplay of:

  • Modern analytics tools
  • Metrics and cost accounting
  • Map and model value drivers

Our goal is the deployment of flexible production resources to help you achieve the best bottom-line results by offering you an outsourced approach to your analytics program where we will build, customize, manage and maintain your reports until the time is right for you to bring this in-house and transition it to an internal team. 

Sample dashboard - sales division trends
Sample dashboard - sales division trends

Enhancing management reporting

Methods for compiling management reports often rely largely on pre-configured templates and reports that are static, one-dimensional and outdated by the time they are generated. Baker Tilly’s dashboarding analytic tools allow organizations to view up to the minute reports with data that is automatically populated in real time. These dashboards are customized with interactive drill-down capabilities, giving you deeper insight into individual products, customers and other factors, enabling you and your team to make educated business decisions.

Benefits of data analytics approach

Organizations rely on information to run and manage their business, understand their customers, market their brands, monitor their competition, satisfy regulatory requirements and much more. Baker Tilly dashboarding analytic services take information from disparate data sources, like your operations data, existing accounting system and ERP data, along with third-party system data (payroll, freight, etc.) and combine them into a common reporting platform.

We are able to provide access to large data sets at consolidated levels while maintaining the ability to drill down into transaction level when needed. This provides you with a seamless understanding of information as it flows through the company and gets you off the ground and running with best-in-class data-driven insights FAST – usually within 45 days – and cost-effectively.

Benefits for management

By identifying the data unique to your organization, you can measure your performance and variances in the following categories: sales, customer analytics, accounts receivable, manufacturing variance and geospatial analytics. Baker Tilly helps organizations understand and streamline their operations with the following key benefits: 

  • Repeatability and/or automation of the process to create information for management
    • Faster turnaround of existing reports
  • Interactivity and common platform across finance, accounting and operational teams with a consistent approach to get there
  • Always available
    • Reports can be refreshed and accessed at any desired timeframe
    • Flexibility to sort by specific time intervals, product groups and divisions
    • Mobile and web accessible
  • Accessibility to root information
  • Robust capabilities enhancing your ability to perform “what if” analysis
  • Cost-effective
  • Up and running fast 

Business intelligence for the future of manufacturing

Business intelligence for the future of manufacturing

Identify the true profitability of products or segments, gain a clear vision of the impact of material price changes, optimize production schedules with by-the-hour throughput monitoring and more.

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