Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) systems help you run your organization as they inform you on “what” is happening in the organization.

Advanced organizations are adding modern BI technologies to extend traditional BI solutions and offer unique insights to key decision makers. The intersection of traditional BI systems and modern analytics (e.g., big data and predictive solutions) is creating a significant inflection point for those organizations looking for a more complete BI solution. We see the greatest success when structured data (from traditional BI) and unstructured data (from big data solutions) are presented to decision makers who can leverage the insights of both structured and unstructured information.

Organizations that leverage these new capabilities are often able to move beyond measuring “what” is happening in the business to understanding “why” things are occurring and often move on to profiling attributes of predictive results. These new insights enable effective transformation of your organization.

Data analytics sheds light on investment strategy

Data analytics sheds light on investment strategy

Data analytics help utility cooperative identify potential resource allocation savings of $5-$7M and targeted improvements of up to 23% across the back office, call center, generation and transmission business units.

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Our Take

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“By combining business intelligence systems with advanced analytics, companies have a unique opportunity to uncover powerful insights to fuel growth and drive competitive advantage—insights that would otherwise remain hidden in volumes of structured and unstructured data.”