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Church Management Systems Integration

Increase efficiency and accuracy by automatically connecting accounting and business operations

Church Management Systems Integration

  1. Sandy McClure

    Sandy McClure



Baker Tilly Digital's Church Management Systems Integration allows churches and faith-based organizations to seamlessly connect accounting and business operations by transferring data from your church management system into your Sage Intacct system, eliminating manual and error-prone processes.

Increase efficiency

Achieve high accuracy and automate data flow even if you have custom fields.

Group batched bank deposits

Cut down on the amount of time spent handling your transactions and bank deposits

Increase staff impacts

Automate data tracking and reduce manual entry so staff can spend their time and energy furthering your mission

Improve reconciliation process

Save measurable time reconciling your bank activity each month with batched deposits of contributions and non-contribution activity

Simplify the audit process

Be confident that your data is accurate, trustworthy and functional, enabling you to conduct a simplified audit process

Increase collaboration

Real-time access to financial data allows you to have better insight that can be used to improve your organization’s processes and purpose

Ease of setup

Use an integrated mapping tool that connects your custom fields with Sage Intacct dimensions and general ledger