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Answers to the customer experience questions everyone is asking

How can you start if you don’t know where to begin? 

Customer experience ecosystem

We work with your leadership teams and front line employees to create a comprehensive view of your existing experience ecosystem, identify hurdles you will need to overcome to deliver the desired experience, and create a visual learning tool to educate all levels of employees in the organization.

Is your customer experience function set up for success?

Organizational alignment and governance

Before making investments in your customer experience function, organizations must be aligned, especially across the leadership team, and a well-designed governance model must be in place to sustain your efforts. We’ll lead you through workshops to explore the topic and document your decisions.

How do you know where to focus your investment and effort?

Customer experience strategy

We’ll work with you on engaging with your customers to understand where the opportunity to compete on customer experience and drive organic growth truly exists. We’ll also help identify what the long term strategy needs to be to support this effort.

How can you get the most value out of journey mapping? 

Customer research and journey mapping

Too often, organizations develop journey maps that are not actionable and end up on a bookshelf. We engage with your team and your customers to understand the specific interactions they have across the entire buying and service journey, as well as the emotional connection they feel at each interaction. From this, your customer journey map becomes an input into innovation workshops that explore how to eliminate current pain-points and increase customer loyalty.

How do you know if new experiences will make a difference before you make the investment? 

Experience innovation and testing

Delivered via facilitated workshops and quantitative research analysis, our proven innovation and testing methodology assists your team to generate innovative new experiences. Each existing and potential interaction is categorized based on its overall experience value to customers. This proven methodology allows for experiences to be tested in the market and validated before investments are made in people, process and technology.

How do you convert the analysis into action? 

Customer experience deployment

Change is difficult, especially when it is being focused on front-line sales, marketing and service organizations that interact daily with customers. We understand this complexity and work with your team to develop a detailed roadmap that indicates where, when and how you will execute customer experience initiatives to drive meaningful changes in your organization. We also wrap a sophisticated change management, communications and training program around the effort to ensure that the changes are adopted and sustained.