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Workforce and succession planning for utilities

A robust workforce development and succession planning program is a must-have for sustainable, operationally stable organizations. For community-owned utilities facing an impending labor shortage as many workers reach retirement age, development of a succession planning/workforce program can’t happen a minute too soon.

Yet, not all utilities have launched a formal program and excuses abound: Workforce development and succession planning are monumental tasks! We’re too busy and don’t have time! It’s too expensive!

In actuality, developing a workforce and succession planning program isn’t done in a vacuum and doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Many of the elements of workforce/succession planning build upon existing programs and processes that most public utilities already engage in – with nominal addition of time and resources.

Baker Tilly has developed a guide for public power utilities that breaks workforce development and succession planning into these key steps:

  • Define your outlook
  • Identify and prioritize critical positions
  • Develop core competencies
  • Pinpoint top talent and build a talent bench
  • Create a tailored training program
  • Optimize market competitiveness

Download the guide >

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