How Baker Tilly helps companies gain market access

How Baker Tilly helps companies gain market access

“How many people can honestly say they've had an influence on over 10 disease categories in their healthcare career? As you can imagine, not very many, but at Baker Tilly, we can say that. We love what we do and we're making an impact every day.”

We live in a world of innovation, but we also live in a world with dramatic reduction in healthcare cost. This makes it extremely difficult for really cool new technologies that could really help patients make it into the market.

What we do with our diverse team from the health plan, provider and life science side is help these technologies develop their stories so they can have payer coverage, which will help these technologies make it in the market, allowing physicians to use these technologies and allowing patients to be treated.

Baker Tilly works with companies that are making an impact in many different disease categories. We've worked with companies in the cancer care space, where we're helping facilitate and expedite better diagnostics to the market in order to help save lives.

We've also worked in the cardiac care space around cardiac‑assist devices. In fact, we've worked with a company that has the smallest cardiac assist device in the world and facilitates procedures that the patients otherwise wouldn't have the benefit of receiving - ultimately saving lives.

We're also in the molecular diagnostic space where we're helping companies improve access to their molecular diagnostic technology. This helps patients and physicians make better decisions about what medication is going to be most appropriate for them in a personalized medicine approach to treat their depression symptoms, which can often be debilitating.

In summary, Baker Tilly works for a very diverse client base. The revenue base of our clients exceeds $30 billion. They all need assistance with value proposition development and health economics, and we're there to help.

For more information on this topic, or to learn how Baker Tilly market access specialists can help, contact our team.

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