Using data and technology to improve the state of manufacturing

The Fifth Annual State of Manufacturing Technology Report from Plex Systems, developed with the support of LNS Research, will help manufacturers benchmark their manufacturing technology usage and uncover best practices for their organizations to stay competitive and thrive.

Today’s manufacturers are operating under enormous pressures. At any given time, manufacturers contend with an evolving global economy, emerging competition, internal operating pressures, skilled workforce shortage, and the need to continually improve business processes. Coupled with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which as of this report’s writing continues to impact the world daily, manufacturers are dealing with new unknowns and complexities in real-time to remain prosperous. The long-term impact of this global pandemic on the supply chain and the broader manufacturing and global economy is unfolding before our eyes.

In this recent global survey of approximately 200 manufacturers, participants revealed a desire to realize the alluring promise of smart manufacturing. Their success hinges on three factors: their ability to identify what will improve the business and articulate the desired outcomes, select transformative technology to optimize company processes, and implement that technology to fully realize the anticipated value. The whitepaper explores common manufacturing challenges alongside evolving technology solutions, with an eye toward creating a blueprint that helps companies successfully navigate and achieve business transformation. 

Here’s what you’ll learn, based on the experiences, plans, and perceptions of the manufacturers surveyed:

  • Common challenges manufacturers face and how they impact growth plans
  • How manufacturers are relying upon technology to achieve future success
  • Manufacturing technology options available today, and how they fit into a business transformation strategy
  • What defines successful smart manufacturing
  • What stops most technology projects in their tracks, and how to avoid the pitfalls that often lead to pilot purgatory

At Baker Tilly, our mission is to enable manufacturers to harness the power of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, drive results, and accelerate success. Read the mini version for five key takeaways you need to know or download the full report below.

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