• Waste to energy for food processors

    Food and beverage processors are beginning to realize the potential of turning their by-product into energy/revenue sources. Our role in this process is to help remove the barriers to growth that currently face the processing industry.
  • Energy for dairy processors: New feasibility report and economic modeling and mapping tool

    To paraphrase the Rolling Stones, the future of sustainable food production in the United States may be a biogas, gas, gas − thanks to tools available through Baker Tilly as part of a grant funded by the State of Wisconsin State Energy Office. Baker Tilly received a grant from Wisconsin’s State Energy Office to create a feedstock assessment mapping tool, conduct biogas technology evaluation, and create an economic toolkit.
  • Processors maintain efficiency while meeting customer and regulatory demands

    Food and beverage processors can easily become overwhelmed as they work to meet challenging customer requirements and government regulations while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs. To meet these demands, processors must have systems in place to rapidly identify and track every ingredient for each product through all processing steps: from receipt through processing, packaging, and shipping to the exact customer location.