Case Study

Sell-side advisory to a toy manufacturer and distributor

Case Study

Sell-side advisory to a toy manufacturer and distributor

Our client’s need

Patch Products is a leading international toy company specializing in all facets of toy production from product development through to manufacturing and distribution. With a long history of innovation and growth, the Patch Products team has continued to produce toys and games that are desired worldwide.

The owners of Patch Products were looking to sell their business as they prepared to enter retirement. As part of the overall sales cycle of their business, they desired an experienced advisor to help them with aspects of the sale.

Baker Tilly Capital solution

Baker Tilly Capital worked as a close advisor to Patch Products during the sale of their business. Members of our experienced mergers and acquisitions team provided valuable analysis and reporting as it pertained to the value of the business.

Results achieved

Patch Products worked closely with Baker Tilly Capital to determine the proper valuation of their business. As a result of the analysis, the buyer of the company agreed to the determined price and a successful sale was completed.

“Baker Tilly was outstanding in their efforts to work on our behalf in developing a sales structure that helped us meet our goals. It meant a lot to us to have someone working towards the best results possible as if they were selling their own business. I truly believe that is what Baker Tilly did.”

 – Fran Patch, Co-owner – Patch Products

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