Case Study

Sales team empowered though Salesforce and SAP ERP implementation

Our client’s need

An agricultural manufacturing company was expanding into the non-commodity market and needed to understand how changing customer behaviors would impact conventional wisdom surrounding user-adoption, pricing, and its overall position in the marketplace. After migrating from a MS Excel and SharePoint based sales management system to, the company realized key reporting and data integration needs were not met. The company needed to consolidate both Salesforce and their SAP ERP system in order to provide their sales team with easy access to vital customer information.

Baker Tilly solution

Having extensive experience with similar integrations, the Baker Tilly team was able to develop a new reporting data source and approximately twenty new customer facing and management sales reports. Baker Tilly deployed a specialized team of business information system professionals to integrate Salesforce and their SAP ERP system, highlight gaps in data governance, identify new business process improvement opportunities and met the aggressive deadline provided by the company.

Results achieved

The company reports that their sales team has developed a new level of confidence when communicating with customers. One sales member stated, “We’ve never had reports provide us this level of detail before. These are fantastic. The business intelligence solution represents a huge improvement from the previous manual/Excel reports.”

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