Client experience: Resolving NCAA compliance issues

Institutional challenge

A university suspected noncompliance with National Collegiate Athletic Association regulations for certain expenditures. The university faced strict reporting deadlines to the NCAA on its compliance which, if not met, could have resulted in the forfeiture of a number of games for two of its major athletic programs, as well as long-term probation and monetary fines.

Baker Tilly solution

Leveraging our knowledge of the most recent NCAA guidelines and the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) Internal Control – Integrated Framework, we collaborated with key university operational and compliance personnel to assess current policies and procedures. We then conducted a comprehensive audit of certain expenses for a four-year period.


The university was able to evaluate and report on the scope of noncompliance and create a remediation plan. With Baker Tilly’s assistance, the university was able to provide the NCAA with a timely and comprehensive report detailing our independent assessment of the scope of any noncompliance and remediation plans. As a result, the NCAA was satisfied with the university’s actions and did not take any punitive actions against the university or its athletes.

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