Regional Center utilizes EB-5 investments to finance new museum

Client need

Green Card Fund, one of the first 100 Regional Centers in the EB-5 industry, needed help with fully subscribing their project, the National Center for Law Enforcement (NCLE) in Washington D.C. The project required $139 million in financing in order to build, and needed to utilize EB-5 investments to complete the capital stack. Green Card Fund chose Baker Tilly Capital, their long time standing EB-5 consultant, to assist with sourcing and raising EB-5 funds.

Our solution

The EB-5 consulting team within Baker Tilly Capital worked closely with the Regional Center to develop a comprehensive go-to-market plan to ensure success with USCIS and the market. Utilizing our team of EB-5 professionals, we prepared the EB-5 compliant business plan and economic analysis and helped facilitate the successful capital raise effort.


In working closely with Green Card Fund, the team was able to successfully raise $25 million in EB-5 funding for the $139 million project. The NCLE is projected to create approximately 890 direct, indirect and induced jobs, and result in an annual growth of $35.5 million for the surrounding community. 

For more information on this deal, or to learn how Baker Tilly Capital specialists can help, contact our team.

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