Pork producer advances recruiting efforts with Oracle software

Client background

Largest pig and pork producer in the world with 50,000+ global employees

The business challenge

  • Based on recruiting difficulties in the following areas, the company was seeking to implement a solution to support more modern and improved talent acquisition processes:
  • Standardization - the talent acquisition team had challenges centralizing its recruiting activities and driving usage of common tools across locations
  • Reporting - the company’s existing system could not easily and accurately provide affirmative action and other compliance reporting
  • User experience - antiquated functionality within the system created many issues and a bad user experience for both employees and candidates
  • Growth and visibility - the company was continuing to grow and there was a need for access to larger, more diverse applicant pools to improve the quality of hire

The Baker Tilly approach

With a long-term focus on advancing both recruiting and HR technology, the company wanted an integrated, modern solution to set the foundation for a broader HR transformation. With Baker Tilly, they chose to implement Oracle’s Talent Acquisition Cloud Recruiting solution. Some of the key activities included: 

  • Examined current state documentation to determine potential opportunities for significant process improvement
  • Coordinated and led conversations with diversity and legal teams to ensure design of future state would align with compliance requirements
  • Utilized an iterative design and build methodology to align decisions with all impacted stakeholder populations
  • Led numerous rounds of onsite and remote testing events with core team to confirm that the recruiting tool was fully integrated with existing structures
  • Engaged in knowledge transfer and spread information about governance plans throughout the company to ensure resource readiness to maintain and sustain the company after go-live

The business impact

Implementing Oracle’s Talent Acquisition Cloud Recruiting solution enabled the following business improvements and results:

  • Internal mobility and engagement - a more easily accessible internal career site has resulted in increased numbers of employees applying for other positions in the company, an increased number of employee referrals, and enabled employees to be more active in the recruiting process
  • Standardized processes and documentation - with standardized offer letters and requisition templates, recruiters and hiring managers spend less time writing custom content and more time on sourcing qualified candidates
  • Improved career site user experience - a modern-day feel to the new career site and application process enables candidates to quickly and easily find jobs that match their interests
  • Mobile-responsive platform - the responsive career site benefits large applicant populations that do not have access to computers in rural parts of the country
  • Strategic reporting and analytics - consistent, real-time visibility to data and metrics enables recruiters and hiring managers to make more informed decisions

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