Polymer manufacturer improves global hiring process

Client background

A global provider of polymer materials, services and solutions with 6,500 employees in over 60 facilities across twenty countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

The business challenge

The company’s existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) was being utilized in the United States, while the recruiting and onboarding processes outside the U.S. were manually executed by the local HR managers. This created several challenges:

  • No global common model - Local HR managers outside the United States were responsible for the recruiting and onboarding processes. In the United States, the hiring process was different for hourly and salaried positions.
  • Manual HR processes - Regions outside of the United States had no set system for managing recruiting. Job applications and onboarding activities were paper-based, with no ability to track progress or report on hiring data.
  • Inconsistent onboarding experience - Onboarding in the U.S. was different from regions outside the U.S. The team sought to provide the proper documentation at the right time and improve productivity.

The Baker Tilly approach

The company chose Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud Sourcing, Recruiting and Onboarding to support its global hiring efforts. This led to the following key activities:

  • Streamlined global processes to drive standardization between and within regions, while allowing for localized needs as appropriate.
  • Leveraged an iterative design and build process, including multiple design review sessions with core and extended teams that involved global stakeholders.
  • Global project team members conducted multiple rounds of regional testing to ensure the system design and configuration fit the company’s business needs.
  • To minimize interruptions to business activity and help promote end-user adoption, Baker Tilly coordinated communication and training efforts with each global region.

The business impact

The implementation enabled the following business improvements:

  • Streamlined candidate experience - Candidates in all countries now have a single online location to review and apply for open positions. Candidates can create an online profile and quickly apply for multiple positions.
  • Enhanced employee experience - Employees no longer have to go through the same application process as external candidates. They can utilize Oracle Sourcing to locate open positions, sign up for job alerts, apply using a shorter application and refer potential candidates.
  • Consistent onboarding process - The company implemented unique onboarding processes tailored for countries with high hiring volumes that include key forms and trainings, which has helped the new hire’s first day to be more productive.
  • Single repository for candidate information - All sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding data is now housed in a central location. Through the use of reports and dashboards, both HR and hiring managers have access to real-time data across divisions and countries.

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