Mortgage originator ensures compliance with FFIEC guidelines through business continuity management and disaster recovery plan assessments

Our client’s need

A large mortgage originator requested assistance with reviewing their existing business continuity and disaster recovery plans to meet regulatory and FFIEC guidelines.

Baker Tilly solution

Baker Tilly worked with the organization's BCP team to review the existing threat analysis, business impact analysis, business continuity plans, disaster recovery plans, crisis management plans, and overall business continuity management program as it relates to FFIEC guidelines. Baker Tilly executed walkthroughs and reviewed key documentation to ensure the plans met regulatory compliance requirements.

Results achieved

The organization used Baker Tilly's review to confirm their compliance with FFIEC guidelines. In addition, Baker Tilly was able to provide value-added insights for the organization to enhance its documentation and procedures. Specifically, Baker Tilly helped the organization further refine its alternative plans for the main headquarters and identify the requirements for an off-site location to resume critical operations.

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