MACRA: Operational readiness

Another step in preparing for MACRA is performing an operational assessment. There are several components of an operational assessment. The first of these is educating your internal physicians. Note, there may be a need to shift the culture more towards accountability and collaboration.

Next, you should assess your provider relationships. This includes relationships with hospitals, ancillary providers and other physician practices. You should also look at your physician compensation plans and ensure your incentives are aligned with MACRA and other value-based programs from commercial payers.

Next, you should look at your reporting and analytics capabilities. This would include evaluating how you will report data to CMS.

Last, you should look at your IT systems and infrastructure. This includes your patient scheduling system and EHR system. Performing an internal review such as this will help lead to success with MACRA.

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MACRA: Financial readiness
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MACRA: Financial readiness