Large multistate Blue Cross Blue Shield plan enables advanced consumer engagement insights for an improved member experience

Client background

Large multistate Blue Cross Blue Shield plan with 21 million members, significant ancillary products and diversified business lines.

The business challenge

The client had mature and robust marketing and member engagement capabilities, but their data, systems, and processes were not integrated or aligned to enable proper tracking, continuous improvement or justify ROI. The fragmented interaction history and lack of ability to track member sentiment, response and preferences across multiple touchpoints and channels resulted in member dissatisfaction and opened them up to potential compliance violations. This client was also using 95% of their data and analytics team’s time to cleanse, transform and move data, however, they were doing so with very little confidence in results and a limited ability to build better and more flexible insights and predictive models.

The Baker Tilly approach

Baker Tilly built a plan for an automated system to identify unique members and prospects. This process included key attributes that allowed individuals to be identified for all relevant outbound and inbound interactions. It enabled advanced insights such as lifetime value, churn score, and predicted risk to be developed and leveraged as part of the interaction management strategy. Furthermore, they captured interactions across multiple complex internal and external systems to ensure effectiveness in measurement and a consistent member experience.

The business impact

With new processes and tools in place, the project resulted in the following benefits:

  • Significant improvement in key attribute management across the membership and prospect universe creating a true “member 360’ view of individuals ready for engagement or marketing initiatives.
  • Dramatically improved tracking and measurement of multichannel interactions.

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