It's time to see e-commerce differently

While e-commerce as a channel is nearly two decades old, it is unquestionably in an age of ascendency and is becoming increasingly important for B2C and B2B companies alike. Today, businesses buy more than twice as much via e-commerce than consumers, yet for most companies, their e-commerce solutions are woefully inadequate. And the expectations of customers and partners continue to increase as B2C buying behaviors continue to move into the B2B space.

Most e-commerce architectures, if they exist at all, are limited in their ability to capitalize on the tremendous growth opportunity this channel offers. We believe business e-commerce is making a pivotal turn. One that will widen the gap between the businesses that win with an integrated e-commerce platform taking advantage of modern capabilities and laying the foundation for a seamless customer experience, and those that don’t.

In this webinar you will learn how to compete effectively in this changing environment, including:

  • What are the forces powering e-commerce today?
  • How has e-commerce evolved over the last 30 years?
  • Why have buyer expectations changed?
  • What challenges are companies having with their e-commerce solutions?
  • What options do companies have to address e-commerce opportunities?

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