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Using automated intelligence to improve performance

Welcome to Irreverent Revenue Cycle, a Healthy Outcomes podcast series from Baker Tilly, where we discuss hot topics around revenue cycle performance in the healthcare industry, innovative ways to solve issues for your organization, and practical tips to take with you as you listen.

On this episode of Irreverent Revenue Cycle, we discuss natural language generation (NLG) software and how utilizing tools such as Automated Insights by Wordsmith can help healthcare provider organizations make actionable decisions to improve their revenue cycle performance. Topics addressed in the episode include:

  • Automated Insights (NLG) software incorporated with Tableau Software to drive revenue cycle analysis
  • Utilizing analytics to make actionable insights to address negative performance
  • How to leverage data to create efficiencies

Connect with us to hear more about our revenue cycle optimization team.

Our guests

Kenton Perez, Account Executive, Automated Insights

Nick Nelli, Senior Solutions Architect, Automated Insights

Automated Insights is a technology company that specializes in natural language generation (NLG) software that transforms big data into a readable, action-oriented format.

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